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Probate, Trust, and Guardianship Litigation

We can help in situations where you believe a Guardianship, Estate, or Trust is not being handled appropriately, or in which you feel you are being deprived of your rightful inheritance as a beneficiary of your loved one’s estate. A basis to contest a Last Will & Testament and/or Revocable Trust may be due to issues concerning the lack of testamentary capacity when the Last Will & Testament and/or Revocable Trust were executed and/or may involve undue influence exerted upon your loved one in the time period leading up to the execution of the estate planning document. We can also help in situations where you are seeking the removal of a Trustee, Personal Representative of an Estate, or Guardian if you believe the fiduciary is breaching or violating their required duties. Our office can assist you in vigorously pursuing these types of claims and ensuring your rights are preserved and protected.

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