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What constitutes the need for a guardianship? The establishment of a guardianship can be necessary in the event that a loved one can no longer make decisions for themselves due to incapacity. For example, if a loved one develops Alzheimer’s or dementia, or suffers from a serious injury or illness that prevents them from managing their financial affairs or from making medical decisions, they may need a Guardian. 

Guardian Advocacy

In the event that a child with special needs reaches adulthood and cannot manage their affairs, a guardian advocacy may be necessary to ensure they are protected and cared for into their adult life.

Guardianship of Minor Property

Guardianship of minor property will be necessary when a minor child will be receiving a sum greater than $15,000.00 from an inheritance or settlement, most times as a result of being injured.

The process of establishing a guardianship is very complex, and for good reason. Establishing a guardianship can impinge on the rights of the protected person, and so must not be taken lightly. In our initial consultation we will discuss your loved one’s needs and what is in their best interests. We can help you understand and navigate this complicated process in order to best protect them.

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